Raising Piedmontese cattle since 1984

Providing High-Quality Piedmontese Beef Since 1998

If you’re looking for ways to commit to a healthy diet without giving up on meat, turn to Texas Piedmontese Beef. We offer lean beef that has unexpected nutritional benefits including fewer calories.

How We Started

Our founder Trae Pawly went to Italy when he finished high school. His goal was to learn more about Italian-grade beef. In his trip, Trae gained extensive knowledge in the lineage. He met with Anabaropi and toured farms where our Piedmontese blood line had came from present and future. We gather Alamo Brewery’s Wet Brewers Grain to add to their diet to make the perfect beef.  We have found the very best to make our Charcuterie. Prasek's Hillje Smokehouse.

What Sets Us Apart

Every individual in our team is skilled and knowledgeable about raising cattle. Apart from this, we are dedicated and go the extra mile to ensure the quality of our products.In fact, Trae himself physically massages our cattle until they become docile. This practice relieves the animal’s stress and allows them to be more comfortable.